User Manual

Riester Surgical is Manufacturer and Exporter of all kinds of Dental, Surgical, Tc Tip Instruments, Ent Devices, Laryngoscope, Holloware, Beauty, Veterinary Instruments


The Lapa Master Industry culture is one of responsibility and accountability, which means we take ownership of our projects with a clear view of the final objective. We are providing the responsiveness to customer needs of a small business, but with the added innovation, advanced manufacturing methods and qualified distribution network of a truly global company. This, in essence, created what Riester Surgical stands for today: world-class products and services for our customers.

At Lapa Master Industry we foster innovation by combining decades of experience in developing and manufacturing diagnostic devices with out-of-the-box, innovative thinking. Our people are always eager to explore new technologies.  As a result, we are now in the great position of being able to launch innovative products every year, while still having a well-filled product pipeline for the future.

Lapa Master Industry 's customers expect nothing less than world-class products and services. Consequently, they are the center of all our efforts and activities, right across the company, from research and development through to manufacturing, marketing and sales. Designed for demanding, everyday use in doctors´ practices and hospitals, many of our products are developed through close cooperation between our engineers and specialists from research centers and university hospitals.

During the development phase, our test procedures and facilities lay the foundation for products of outstanding quality, even before the actual manufacturing process starts.

Our employees are key to our success and we continue to invest in their development. From their initial training when they join Riester Surgical, followed by ongoing development programs and corporate management training, our employees are encouraged to contribute through excellence and teamwork. Our objective is to empower people and help them assume responsibility to help us, as a team, achieve our ambitious company goals.

Lapa Master Industry Product Launches Surgical Instruments for ENT, Ophthalmology & Dermatology Pocket Instruments - Premium ENT Diagnostic and Ophthalmic Instruments, Laryngoscopes, Fiber Optic (F.O.) Laryngoscopes, Laryngoscopes with Direct Illumination, Disposable Laryngoscopes, Laryngoscope Sets, Gynecology Sets, INTENDED USE These instructions for use are valid for Surgical instruments made of stainless steel, such as  Extracting Forceps, instruments for Bone Surgery, Scalpels, Knifes, Scissors, Forceps, Clamps, Retractors, Probes, Scalars Spatulas, Suture Root Elevators instruments with special instructions.

Lapa Master Industry sets higher standards than required by norms and guidelines. In order to comply with these exceptionally high internal standards, we only use high-grade materials from reliable suppliers and apply the latest manufacturing methods, with every product having to pass several intermediate and final quality checks. All our manufacturing personnel receive expert training to ensure world-class finishing and quality. Our products come with a minimum two-year warranty.

Surgical instruments are high-quality products whose proper handling and use will be described in the following. In order to minimize hazards for patients and users these directions must be closely obeyed. Application, maintenance and test of the instruments may only be carried out by especially skilled staff.

The instruments must not be over stressed by twisting or levering as this may lead to damages or cracking of the instruments.

These operating instructions are valid for standard surgical instruments of the production of Riester Surgical The user decides according to his specialized knowledge whether the instrument may suitable for the intended purpose.

Instruments that cannot be repaired or reprocessed should be disposed in accordance with the respective disposal guidelines of the hospital.


We are using Materials as per international standards. We have expertise to remove calculus efficiently from the Materials while retaining its sharpness which is durable for a longer period of time. Riester Surgical Instruments hold the highest quality standards throughout the creation of the instrument from raw materials to finished product.

We believe in our products and provide our clients 100% satisfaction guarantee. Riester Surgical Instruments that are stainless steel require periodic sharpening. Please feel free to contact us for any information.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed All our Instruments are produced with high quality stainless steel and are thoroughly checked and inspected during all phases of production, In order to ensure that they correspond to the international standards laid down by the ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO7153-1 EN10088-1 and CE standards and are confirmation of their compliance to use.

Surgical instruments may in general only be processed by specially skilled staff possessing the specific knowledge for this kind of work. Detailed information to the maintenance of instruments are available in the “Red Brochure” of the links to laws, norms and specialized maintenance committees can be found.

Instruments made of stainless steel must not be put in physiological saline solutions (NaCl), as longer contact may lead to corrosion dam- ages. Instruments may only be sterilized after a previous cleaning and disinfection.

Due to the design of surgical instruments and the used materials, it is not possible to determine a limited number of reprocessing cycles. The lifetime of surgical instruments is therefore determined by the function / wear of the device. In case of damage the device must be reprocessed before sending back to the manufacturer for repair.


Preparation at the point of use:
Remove gross soiling by submerging the instrument into cold water (<40°C) immediately after use.

Don't use a fixating detergent or hot water (>40°C) as this can cause the fixation of residuals which may influence the result of the reprocess- in process.

Safe storage and transportation in a closed container to the reprocessing area to avoid any damage and contamination to the environment.

The devices must be reprocessed in an opened or disassembled state. Instruments must be placed on adequate supports or trays. The nature of the supports or trays must not have any negative influence on the result of the following cleaning and disinfection by rinsing or ultrasonic treatment.

Immerse the instrument into cold tap water for at least 5 minutes. Dismantle the instruments If possible and brush under cold tap water until all visible residues are removed. Inner lumen, threads and holes are flushed each with a water jet pistol for minimum 10 seconds in the pulsed mode. Immerse the instrument into an ultrasonic bath with an alkaline or enzymatic detergent (0,5%) and treat with ultrasound for 15 minutes at 40°C.

Remove the instruments from the bath and rinse again with cold tab water.

The cleaning bath must be changed at least once a day, or if required. Any pollution may influence the result of cleaning / disinfection and may favor corrosion.

In case of manual cleaning, the cleaning process needs to be adapted to the pre-treatment. The used detergents must be compatible, in order to avoid any negative influence on the cleaning/disinfection result.

The detergent must be suitable for the treatment of surgical instruments.

The manufacturer's instructions regarding concentration and reaction time must be strictly obeyed. Use only soft brushes, no metal brushes. Channels and hollow parts must be rinsed thoroughly. If necessary, a high-pressure hose must be used.

Rinse the instruments with running clear water.

Dry the instruments thoroughly.

The cleaning bath must be changed at least once a day, or if required.

The chemical disinfection follows the manual cleaning. A detergent, suitable for surgical instruments made of stainless steel must be used.

Storage of sterilized instruments in appropriate packaging in a dry, clean and dust free environment at modest temperatures of 5°C to 40°C, and at a constant humidity. The distance between shelf and floor should be at least 30cm. Storage duration time is to be determined by the user.

The following testing test devices, materials & machines have been used in this validation study; Detergent.

If the described chemistry and machines are not available, it is the duty of the user to validate his process.

It is the duty of the user to ensure that the reprocessing processes including resources, materials and personnel are capable to reach the required results. State of the art and often national law requiring these processes and included resources to be validated and maintained properly.

The products are made of high grade medical stainless steel and are controlled prior to sale. In case of any error or inconvenience, please feel free to contact our service.

Lapa Master Industry cannot provide any guarantee weather the instruments are suitable for the respective intervention. This has to be determined by the user.

Lapa Master Industry does not provide any liability for any damages arising from pure chance. Lapa Master Industry  does not provide any liability for any damages deriving from contravening against this manual. In case of using the instruments on patients with  Lapa Master Industry does not provide any liability for the reprocessing of the instruments.